AB1576.org Urges Opponents to Contact Senators

SACRAMENTO — Those looking to speak out against porn-condom mandate AB 1576 before it hits the California Senate floor June 25, but don’t feel like trekking out to Sacramento with picket sign in tow, are in luck.

A new site, AB1576.org, makes it easier than ever for opponents to email their senators and urge them to vote “no” on the AHF-touted bill, with a pre-addressed form and sample points to include.

Kink.com CEO Peter Acworth, who has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the bill, explained, “from my own perspective, ways people can voice concerns is to write to these senators (the website appears to make that very easy), also blogging, Facebook, Twitter....”

The site allows users to send their personalized emails to Senate Labor Committee members (who are slated to vote on the bill in less than two weeks) Ben Hueso (District 40), Mark Wtland (District 38), Mark Leno (District 11), Holly Mitchell (District 26) and Alex Padilla (District 20), and suggests mentioning polemic issues surrounding the bill, including its potential to drive business out of California and its infringement on performer privacy.  

“If passed, AB 1576 will compromise performer safety, privacy and choice, and drive adult production out of California, with a loss of a multi-billion-dollar industry,” the site says under the header, “Why AB 1576 is a Bad Bill.”

To send a letter and join the petition to “Stop AB 1576!” click here.