Offering Women World Cup Alternative

Bob Johnson

PARIS — Marc Dorcel has announced a unique promotion where it is inviting women widowed by the upcoming World Cup soccer championship to enjoy themselves by visiting its online novelty store.

The company said it is providing 25 ways for women to pleasure themselves through evocative slogans and images elaborated by, and for women.

“While men will be glued to the screen during the matches, no girl will be left on the bench,” Dorcel said.

According to the company, 44 percent of women between 18 and 60 years of age has already used a sex toy and 78 percent use a toy with a partner.

“ encourages women to go into extra time with the sex toy they want," Dorcel said. "Vibrators, geisha balls, vibrating eggs: the boys are in for a challenge, as girls will quickly find their substitutes with the selection concocted by Marc Dorcel.”

The company said the idea reaffirms its “juicy and subversive brand positioning” with the creation of luxurious erotic products for all audiences’ pleasure.