pjur Group Reports Success at Moscow Vendor Show

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has announced another successful showing of it products at the Vendor's Show in Moscow.

The company said the show highlights the most important novelties and news in the industry this year.

Pjur's Russian partner Erotic Fantasy invited 200 of its top customers to Moscow to a trendy location directly in the city center. Pjur and other well-known brands from the erotic industry gave seminars and presented their novelties.

Pjur noted that it allowed visitors to test its new products at its interactive booth directly after it had made presentations by sales manager Katrin Kühnrich.

"The visitors were enthusiastic about the innovations and convinced of their efficacy," Kühnrich said. “Everyone who tested them on the palms of their hands could immediately tell that the products delivered on their claims.”

In addition to the new products, pjur also presented its new displays; the pjur Slat Wall and the pjur Cardboard Display that the company said were a hit with retailers.

Pjur also hosted an after party with music, food and drink, along with a live show with neon effects that was color-designed completely in black in order to "create the perfect environment" for the trendy venue.

The pjur Superhero, who debuted at eroFame, also made a splash at the Vendor’s Show.