Tasha Reign Supporting Sex Worker Advocacy Fundraiser

TORONTO — Adult entertainer Tasha Reign announced that she is donating a variety of prize packs to Maggie’s, a Toronto-based sex-positive advocacy non-profit group, for its IndieGogo.com campaign to raise $10,000.

Included in the prizes are five separate swag bags, three custom videos, and a dinner date with Reign.

“I am so proud to be part of a cause supporting sex workers in such a positive way,” Reign said. “I hope my fans see how important our rights are, and I know they will want to be a part of the project, especially with the goodies they can purchase. I’m really looking forward to making the custom videos and going on a date with the one lucky fan who gets his hands on my once-in-a-lifetime prize."

Reign said Maggie's is a non-profit run by and for sex workers since 1986, and the first of its kind in Canada. The organization’s mission is to provide vital services and resources to sex workers, such as drop-ins, safety support, outreach, and the fight for sex worker rights.

"Having Tasha Reign show her support for our campaign reinforces what we know to be a strong community of sex workers of all types that crosses boundaries and borders,” said Amy Saunders, campaign director for Maggie's. “To stand together with our sisters, brothers and lovers in the face of Bill C36, a bill that threatens many of our lives, will surely give Maggie's the strength to continue in our fight for our rights to work and live in dignity. Tasha Reign is a talented and loving entertainer and philanthropist and we extend our deepest gratitude to her and her team."

The star said many of the items donated to Maggie’s have already sold out and encourages her fans to move quickly.

For more information, and how to make additional donations, click here.