Q&A: 'Gigolo's' Nick Hawk Releases 'Sexoir' Erotic Non-Fiction

LAS VEGAS — Nick Hawk, star of the hit Showtime series, “Gigolos” and force behind a 23-item CalExotics toy line, has just released his erotic non-fiction ebook, “Sexoir of a Gigolo.”

A rare instance of male-generated erotica, Vigliano Books tasked the men of “Gigolos,” including Hawk, Ash Armand and Bradley Lords, with delving into their extensive sexual knowledge to create erotica based on real-life event.

Hawk’s debut story, “Costa Rican Sexploration,” details an affair with Jaslene, a beautiful dancer with a secret that changes his life.

XBIZ caught up with Hawk to discuss his “Sexoir” andother endeavors, including the impending filming of “Gigolos” Season 6.

Tell me about your "Sexoir of a Gigolo" — first of all, what exactly is a “Sexoir”?

My Sexoir is a short sex story written in first-person. I plan on writing one every six months to a year for the rest of my life. My first one was about a tricky relationship I encountered when I first moved to Las Vegas and continues to Costa Rica where I encounter a spiritual and a sexual journey.

My next 'Sexoir' will be about one of my first clients and a lot of crazy shit we got into while experiencing Las Vegas. She liked to watch me pick up girls and go back to the room with them, where she liked to watch as well.

Have you done erotic writing in the past?

I've been writing the ‘Nick Hawk Sex Chronicles’ for a few years now. Writing and creative expression is what I live for and is what keeps me going. My representation and I decided to change the name to "Sexoir of a Gigolo."

At my website NickHawkExplicit.com I also have a ‘Sexpert’ page where I give sex, relationship and dating advice. My favorite thing to write is music, and I currently have eight tracks released everywhere including Amazon and iTunes.

Will there be follow-up stories? Do you have a recent sexy, real-life story you’d like to share with XBIZ?

I put a lot of work and I'm very proud of my first ‘Sexoir.’ It's a great read, and I'll have my next one out soon!

Your website says Season 6 of "Gigolos" will be filming soon — what are you most excited about, with regard to the coming season?

It's exciting, but it's a lot of work as well! We're really part of something special and putting my heart and soul into the show really wears me out. Remember we film about 100 times more than what you see. But the exposure is great. It's closed a few doors, but opened a couple as well. I have two movies with lead roles lined up for this fall as well. Yeah, lots of work. But I love to entertain and create. 'Gigolos' is a lot of fun, but it's becoming more work compared to my acting and music career.

Is anything new going on with your sex toy line?

The sex toy line is going strong. I can't count how many tweets I've seen with someone doing something crazy with my blow-up doll. I'm very happy with all the high-quality products and the great feedback I've received from everyone. I'm glad I can satisfy and entertain people, and not be in the same room if it's with my show or my line.

Anything else you’re working on and would like to plug?

Besides 'Season Six' and two movies with large roles, I have a few producers lined up to do a new [music] track. The last movie I did, 'America Justice,' will be out soon and I'm now offering 'pick-up' coaching. You can go to my site for more info.

I spoke at the World Pick-Up Artist Summit and have been coaching guys here and there when I can. I enjoy this very much and am very passionate about it. I love helping guys develop their confidence and teach them the proper way to interact to woman from the initial approach to a relationship to the bedroom. I've had wives book their husbands to have some fun in Vegas and learn some pointers as well. It's a riot and the most fun I've possibly ever had.  


“Sexoirs of a Gigolo: Nick Hawk" is now available on Amazon.

Hawk also owns the company Explicit Strippers in Southern California, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Dallas, which sends male and female strippers to private parties, such as bachelor, bachelorette and birthday. For more info, click here.