In New Kink Auction, Maitresse Madeline Offers Personalized Video

SAN FRANCISCO — After two successful live webcam auctions that reportedly both netted more than $40,000,’s Maitresse Madeline says she is holding another that will target porn aficionados who require a more personal touch with a custom-made private video.

Kink noted that the cam show auction is part of the unofficial group of sites under the umbrella of the Kink Bitches brand, an interactive adult experience conceived by Madeline.

While Kink Bitches’ previous auctions focused on live cam performances, this time the winner will work directly with Madeline to create an exclusive recorded experience — and they’ll get to keep the props.

“I'm auctioning off an exclusive, private, personal, one-of-a-kind, POV, custom video of the winner's choosing,” Madeline said. “The winner gets to script the POV movie themselves or take advantage of my skills, and I can create something for them based on their likes, not to mention saying their name on camera.”

According to a release, only a few days after launching the auction for the fifteen-minute video, the bids are already into the thousands of dollars. The auction ends June 10.

While the recorded porn market has faced difficulty in an era of piracy and free content, Madeline says that “the higher-end fetish market is still strong.” With Kink Bitches, Madeline hopes to capture this with interactive, personalized experiences for those who are willing and able to pay.

A second Kink Bitches auction held in March, for a private webcam session featuring Lorelei Lee, topped $40,000. Part of the appeal, Madeline says, is bridging the gap between watching an adult video and experiencing it viscerally.

“If they want pantyhose tease, shoe worship, panty sniffing, they get it,” Madeline said. “The best part about it is that whatever ‘goods’ I use in the video — be it dildos, stockings, panties, shoes — I will send it to them along with the video so they can sniff and stroke to re-live the private, special interaction.”

The video will be shot at the storied San Francisco Armory using Kink’s production resources, including props, sets and Madeline’s production team.

Check out the auction page here.