Perfect Fit to Debut Portable Shower Douche System

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Perfect Fit Brand is set to debut the Ergo Shower System as the first product of an expanding line of Ergo products.

The Ergo Shower Douche features a pure silicone funnel bag and hose with a multi-use bridle clip, allowing it to attach to standard shower arm or a removable hand held shower hose.   

"The Ergo Shower is designed to provide customers with a fast and simple process for cleansing," Perfect Fit CMO Rob Reimer told XBIZ. "No tools required, no metal parts, making for easy travel.  To add to the performance we’ve designed our own in house nozzle which is longer than many and useable on any hose system. We’ve also pioneered a new concept in silicone flexible nozzles, and these will be available as an option for use with any shower type system."

Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow developed the new portable douche shower system, along with others in the range that have proven success in the marketplace.

'The Ergo System is one of our most consistent sellers and still ranks in the top 10 for many online and retail stores since it was launched," Reimer said. "We couldn’t keep them on the shelves at the IML leather event in Chicago, over Memorial Day, as several vendors actually sold out of the product. With its innovative air-valve technology and the longest flexible nozzles available anywhere, the nine inch version is still the longest portable on the market and great for those who are looking for a deeper clean while travelling.

"The Ergo cleaning system complements our products because our research says that our consumer base likes to travel and it’s hard to find a portable system that is functional while small enough to pack in your luggage," Reimer said. "We find that many of our customers bring several of our products with them while travelling, not only the Ergo’s, but many of our butt toy products and obviously if your using a butt toy on vacation, you’ll want to bring along your Ergo."

Several new products including the new Ergo Shower System will be available for pre-orders in July at the ANME show in Burbank, Calif.

The company says the new products can be expected to be on shelves around the world shortly after the launch.

Perfect Fit says it will be at a new location at the upcoming ANME, which is set for July 12-14, in booth #90 in the Academy Ballroom, and appointments are still available.