Calif. Senate Panel Hearing on AB 1576 Slated for June 25

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — AB 1576, the bill introduced in January that would mandate condom use on all adult productions shot in California, will have its first hearing in the state Senate on Wednesday, June 25, at the state Capitol.

The state Senate Labor and Industrial Relations panel will take up the bill nearly a month after the state Assembly voted, 48-13, to move it along.

The panel — comprising Sens. Ben Hueso, Mark Wyland, Mark Leno, Holly Mitchell and Alex Padilla — hears bills relating to labor, industrial safety, unemployment, workers' compensation and insurance and noncertificated public school employees.

AB 1576 requires a minimum 14-day employer paid testing protocol and use of a condom or barrier device in the production of adult film. The bill also mandates that porn production companies keep confidential employee health records indefinitely, use "plastic and other disposable materials" to clean sets, and provide all employees with a safety training program.

AB 1576 will be heard at the state Capitol, Room 2040, on June 25 at 9:30 a.m.