Private Media Group Releases Archives on

BARCELONA — Private Media Group today announced the release of never-before-seen content on its upgraded European porn archive website,

The company said it has amassed content spanning more than 50 years starting in the ‘60´s when Private Magazine, the world`s first full-color hardcore magazine was released in Sweden.

For the discerning fan of the golden years of porn, Private said it has spent thousands of hours combing its vaults for unrivalled images and clips from the ‘60's, ‘70's, and ‘80's and has put them online in one collection for the first time ever.

“With PrivateClassics we have combined the most modern user friendly platform with content that brings us back to a simpler time. We expect to grow this collection with exclusive weekly updates and yet unreleased images from our vaults,” CEO Charles Prast said.

He added, “Only we know which of today´s aging stars of stage and screen will be exposed once again to have led a permissive youth. With our movie archive added to photo sets, unforgettable porn classics are now back and available to you again only on PrivateClassics.”