Kheper Games Celebrates 20 Years in Business

SEATLLE — Kheper Games Inc. has announced that this June will mark its 20th anniversary in business. Coinciding with the news, the company says it is also about to reach its 20 millionth game sold mark.

To commemorate the occasion, Kheper Games is extending its 20th anniversary sale on the 20 products that it credits as the driving force behind reaching the 20 millionth game sold milestone. It is billed as its “20-20-20 Sale.”

Kheper Games specializes in adult novelties including categories like romance games, drinking games, adult party games, barware, bride-to-be items, and ladies night-themed products.

“A good game for adults will not only entertain whoever is playing the games, but it will also offer relationship value, ” said Brian L. Pellham, CEO of Kheper Games. “Party, bride-to-be and drinking games help a host or party guest feel appreciated because they are making people laugh. Romance games are a fun way for a person in a relationship to navigate changes and improvements to the couple’s love life. Some games offer variety, new sex positions, while others offer new techniques; such as intimate massaging or pleasing your lover orally.”

Kheper Games launched in 1994 as Kheper Publishing, with its first product (a book), “A Partier’s Guide to 51 Drinking Games.”

According to the company, the book sold more than half a million copies before sales started to falter and the product was converted into the boxed drinking games set for Kheper Games, similarly titled “The 51 Most Popular Drinking Games,” which is still available for purchase.

For more information about sales or the limited time discounts contact U.S. distributors SLS, Nalpac, El Dorado or William’s Trading. For Canadian sales and distribution, contact D’n’A Distributions or Pink Cherry.

For general information, email