Marla Gibbs Responds to Hot Mess' 'The Devil in Miss Jefferson'

LOS ANGELES — As Hot Mess gets ready to release its black-spoof title, "The Devil in Miss Jefferson," producers contacted Marla Gibbs, the sassy maid from "The Jefferson's" famed TV show for her comments. Now 82 and living in Los Angeles, Gibbs was emphatic in her response:

"I don't think it's a good idea," she opined, adding, "The Jefferson's was a family show, and there's nothing 'family' about X-rated movies."

When asked how Mrs. Jefferson, the late Isabel Sanford might have reacted, Gibbs was equally emphatic.

"Mrs. Jefferson would definitely not have approved, however, 'Sherm' probably would have loved it. He was funny like that," Gibbs said.

Sherm is Sherman Helmsley, the late Mr. Jefferson, known for his antics on and off the set.

"The Devil in Miss Jefferson" comes on the heels of "quite a hot streak" for Hot Mess, said Howard Levine, who distributes the line through his Exile group.

Levine added, "Horny Mormons of Salt Lake City" was No. 3 nationally, and Hot Mess is definitely in my top three lines. Their packaging is exemplary, and their concepts are strong."