ADAMO Advertising Adds Paxum, ePayService Options

STOCKHOLM — ADAMO Advertising has announced the addition of Paxum and ePayService deposit and payout and options for advertisers and publishers.

The company said the new platform is quickly becoming a favorite.

"At ADAMO we strive to offer our partners and media buyers everything they want under one roof," CEO Judy Shalom said.

She continued, "From desktop, mobile, and in-app traffic to faster deposits and more convenient payouts — we listen closely to what our clients want and continue to evolve our entire self-service traffic platform. To compete globally your businesses must be able to move quickly and innovate wisely. ADAMO is always working to help our clients gain important competitive advantages."

ADAMO explained that Paxum is an e-wallet service that has quickly become popular among the webmaster community because of its ease of use and low fees. The service provides direct transactions among its users and payroll solutions as well.

The company also noted that the ePayService offers similar options and has become especially popular among adult webmasters in Eastern Europe. This combination of new payment possibilities bridges the transactional gap between advertisers and publishers more efficiently.

“Now, any time you want your publisher payouts or advertiser deposits to be done instantly, ADAMO is the answer,” the company said.

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