Shanti Dynamite Makes Bollywood Debut

Lila Gray

NEW DELHI — Shanti Dynamite, a British porn star of Indian and Greek descent, will be making her Bollywood debut in producer Rupesh Paul’s next flick.

According to the Times of India, Paul’s film is being billed as a combination gangster, erotica and horror movie. Dynamite will be playing one of the three lead actresses.

Rupesh was reportedly auditioning a number of girls for three non-Indian characters in the film before running into Dynamite and immediately signing her.

He told the Times of India that Dynamite’s adult background does not matter to him and played no role in his decision to cast her. He will, however, be putting her through rigorous training to work on her diction and acting.    

Dynamite, who sometimes hosts adult chat shows in the U.K. under the first name Sofiya, is now being compared to porn-to-Bollywood megastar Sunny Leone, who first broke into Bollywood in 2012 when she starred in “Jism 2.”  

Dynamite runs her own production company, which shoots Indian adult music videos, AIDS awareness programs and sex education material.