Female Domination Site TopGrl.com Relaunches with New Director

OAKLAND, Calif. — Intersec Studios announced that its signature lesbian domination site, TopGrl.com will be relaunching this summer with in-house “sadistic bitch” Elise Graves at the helm.

The redux of the site will start with a soft launch, with videos being released sporadically early this summer.

The company said the site — which has been in archive mode for nearly three years after Sister Dee, the original site director, left the company — will keep it’s one month join option until weekly articles are available. It will then add three and six month join options, as it has for its other sites.

“If you are one of those anal people who need a new update to show up the same day of the fucking week, just accept the fact that you might feel a bit denied here and there. Yet, please comfort yourself with the knowledge that you will, indeed, be teased with new content when I feel it's best to put it up.See? This is going to be fun...,” Graves said.

Intersec noted that the director joined the industry in 2008 when she “discovered her love of depravity and filth.” She is known in the industry for her enthusiasm in both topping and bottoming, and her ability to endure extreme sexual and physical challenges. She is also known for her increasingly sensual yet sadistic and at times messy and disgusting topping style.

The website is described as being all about technical lesbian domination. Graves will be engineering all of the scenes and dishing out the torments in her unique style herself.

“I’m excited to grow the site and add my own form of expression to Intersec’s already impressive library of content. I plan to show the dichotomy between pain and pleasure, in an extreme way. I want the viewer to see the models go from crying out in pain to moaning with sexual arousal and everything in between,” Graves added.

The first newly released shoot, titled "I Choose You" starring submissive Hazel Hypnotic can be seen here.

Affiliates wishing to promote the site can join at KinksterCash.com.