XBIZ Retreat Miami Hosts Largest Gathering to Date

Ariana Rodriguez

MIAMI — XBIZ Retreat’s sixth edition last week exceeded the expectations of attendees and event organizers alike, bringing together the most participants in the event’s history while still maintaining XBIZ Retreat’s signature intimate vibe.

Overlapping the eventful schedule of the XBIZ Summit, XBIZ Retreat participants were treated to experience the best of both worlds — enjoying private one-on-one scheduled meetings in stylish suites with breaks to explore the bustling venue.

Throughout the three full days of scheduled meetings, XBIZ Retreat attendees also indulged in all-inclusive accommodations that included meals and libations. Every evening was a celebration for XBIZ Retreat attendees who visited local Miami dinner hotspots and partied alongside attendees of the concurrently held XBIZ Summit digital media event with suite parties, a bikini contest and outdoor rock show and barbeque. 

“The Miami XBIZ Retreat set a new standard by bringing together the most diverse group of participants and delivering a truly dynamic experience,” XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez said. “There was never a dull moment and several unique new connections were made throughout the experience. I’d like to thank all of XBIZ Retreat’s vendors and buyers for participating and empowering this unique event to grow.”  

The summer edition of XBIZ Retreat gathered the largest group in its history with more than 100 buyers and vendors of pleasure products, lingerie and adult movies.

"This was my first experience with the XBIZ Retreat,” said Matty Humps, sales and content licensing director. “I wanted to go because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with most of my already established buyers and finally put faces to the names. Not only was this great for me to learn more about them and their companies, but it was great for building relationships over the course of the week. I also had great meetings with prospective new buyers and sealed the deal on various new accounts. These were some companies I'd never heard of, nor had they heard of our company. Without this event we would not have been brought together. I loved that these buyers were guaranteed to meet with me with scheduled meetings over the course of the week. I got face time with everyone I wanted to meet with. The experience was a very valuable one and I will for sure be going back."

“It was a really well-organized and planned event in a fabulous environment,” Kaytel Media Group President Alain Elmaleh said. “I made some great new contacts, learned quite a few things about new products that came into the market, which we definitely intend to use for our retail and distribution divisions. I strongly recommend the next XBIZ event to anyone who is looking to expend their knowledge and contacts in our industry.”

In a joint statement, Adam & Eve Operations Director Ronnie Coutu and national business consultant, Chad Jenny said, “The team from A&E Stores could not have been happier with the way the event turned out. Between the meetings, networking, and social events, we surpassed all the goals we had for the event and had a great time doing it. We will definitely be attending all future XBIZ Retreats.”

“What’s great about XBIZ is that the retreats keep getting better each time,” said Bob Mosca of Jackson Supply Company. “Each retreat showcases new products, new vendors, some of the biggest and the best are represented. Not just repeats of previous shows. XBIZ is a global showcase!”

Lovehoney’s Ray Hayes said, “XBIZ allowed us to present brands that are different, Sqweel Go — loved by everyone, and Bettie Page, which was met with great response with regard to quality in terms of packaging and  quotes of ‘who does not know Bettie Page?’

“With regard to Fifty Shades of Grey, the film release on Valentine’s Day allowed us to show the power of the brand and what it will bring both to distributors and retailers alike.”

“I really enjoyed the one-on-one personal business experience you get between the vendors and the customers that the XBIZ show has to offer,” OVO’s Dana DiValli said. “It's great developing better relationships and being able to give your customer the personal time they need.”

“This was the first XBIZ Retreat Elliot and I attended and we were very pleased with the outcome of the show,” Nasstoys’ Lisa Caffrey said. “I especially enjoyed the one-on-one meeting in my hotel suite with a relaxed atmosphere and its incredible view of the ocean. We look forward to participating in the future.”

“Carrashield Labs would like to thank the entire staff of XBIZ for making this latest retreat another one of your fantastic events,” Carrashield’s Jeff Hawkins said. “This was our fourth retreat and it’s because of this type platform that Divine 9 continues to grow and evolve into the unique pleasure product it is. The format has given us the ability to educate buyers from all sorts of the distribution network in the qualities and of our fantastic product and expand our growth.”

Richard Longhurst, co-founder of Lovehoney, said. "The XBIZ Retreat was the ideal opportunity for Lovehoney to strengthen relationships with existing customers and generate new business. With the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to be released on Valentine's Day 2015 — just nine months away — it was the ideal time to communicate the massive benefits of stocking the official Fifty Shades of Grey range. We were delighted with the reaction to our Page Collection and Sqweel Go. Thank you XBIZ for the opportunity to meet with quality buyers."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Miami XBIZ Retreat,” Deja Vu’s Megan Swartz said. “The entire staff of XBIZ does such a wonderful job organizing these events. While we paint a picture on Facebook that it’s all fun and games, it is work. I imagine it is very beneficial to the participating vendors as it is to the customers. It is great discussing product lines in such a comfortable environment. It's easy to get sidetracked at trade shows... Not here.”

“It was great to meet people I had only conversed with on the phone and through email, as well as meeting new people and being exposed to additional areas of the industry,” said Tiffany Alyse Yelverton of Entice Me. “We were so taken care of... It was fantastic to be pampered for a change. As business owners, that doesn't always happen. What a beautiful location. Sara and her team were very organized and the event was professional and well done, along with a ton of fun.”

“This show is really done well,” said Steve Volponi, Devil’s Film vice president of sales and production. “Location was great, and had great success with business, we’ll be back!”

“The XBIZ Retreat was great,” said Adam Hasner, vice president of Evolution Distribution. “Everyone had a fun time along with doing great business. Like always, it was a pleasure to see everyone.”

“XBIZ continues to exceed expectations year after year with their shows,” said Jeff Dillon, Gamelink vice president of business development and marketing. “This year’s XBIZ Retreat was no different. It was a great forum for business, networking and to have a ton of fun.”

“The XBIZ Retreat is an excellent experience for both industry leading companies and those looking to cut their teeth and gain a foothold with their first distributor,” Dr. Clockwork said. “The retreat is an opportunity to network and learn from both established trendsetters and fresh perspectives. No matter how long you've been in the industry, the XBIZ Retreat offers a unique space to get that much needed up close and personal face time with the companies that you want to be doing business with.”

"The XBIZ Retreat is a priceless opportunity to connect with the distributors our business needs to succeed,” XXX Vapor CEO Joshua Berkowitz said. It was an invaluable event for us at XXX Vapor!"