Q&A: Emily Morse Talks Sex, Why L.A. Needs SHE

LOS ANGELES — With her popular “Sex With Emily” podcast, weekly co-hosting gig on the nationally syndicated “Loveline” radio show and Emily & Tony intimate care line, newly minted Sexual Health Expo official spokesperson Emily Morse tells XBIZ sex education has life-changing effects.

Morse began her career in sexual wellness by openly exploring the curiosities of individuals and couples with her “Sex With Emily” podcast, which was established in 2005.

“I really want to reach everybody,” Morse told XBIZ. “The amazing thing about podcasting is that people all over the world can access it. Sex is so pervasive in our society and there is so much misinformation. I really want to just get the message out there in any way I can. That’s why I said yes to a reality show. Talk shows, apps, my podcast… anything I can do to help people learn about sex.”

Morse, who is herself now based in Los Angeles and a weekly co-host of the nationally syndicated, L.A.-based “Loveline” radio show hones in on her local celebrity as the newly minted host of the upscale sexual health expo set for January 2015 in L.A.

In this exclusive Q&A, Dr. Emily Morse tells XBIZ about her growing empire built on promoting sexual wellness and what attendees can expect from the first-ever consumer expo dedicated to sexual wellness and sex-positive education.

What motivates you to promote sex ed?

I’m constantly motivated by the transformation people experience once they gather accurate information about sex. It’s life changing. The truth is, there aren’t many places for people to go where they feel comfortable and safe talking about their own sexual issues and desires. My podcast has been a resource for so many individuals and couples to have the sex life they desire and that is infinitely gratifying. When I receive emails from listeners who tell me that something they learned on my podcast saved their relationship or their sex life, it definitely keeps me going.

How did you get your start as a sexpert?

I launched my podcast “Sex With Emily” in my living room eight years ago interviewing people about their sex lives and relationships. I recorded stories from real people about their sex lives, interviewed hundreds of experts in the field of sexuality and read every sex book on the planet. My podcast has evolved into a sex advice show which also features guests. I then earned my doctorate in Human Sexuality. I started out with a genuine passion for the field of sexuality which then grew into a career that I love.

How does your Emily & Tony line support your mission to promote healthy sexuality?

Each of the products in our intimate care line are made to enhance intimacy whether you’re single or in a relationship. It all started with my drive to take away the stigma over using a lubricant during sex. So many people still believe that lube is only to be used if there is a problem, like dryness or discomfort. The truth is using a lubricant makes sex better on so many levels, especially for women, and my dream is to see a lubricant on every night stand! The aromatherapy massage candles bring couples together with the power of touch and the added bonus of warm luxurious massage oil to spice things up. The DownUnder Comfort gives people the confidence that they are fresh, dry and clean in their intimate areas. All of our products are made with natural ingredients in discreet and friendly packaging. These are products that you can actually leave around the house (or on the nightstand) without worrying that someone will see them because they look just like a skin lotion or beauty product.

How sexually liberated would you say Los Angeles is?

Los Angeles is a diverse and liberal city so with that comes more sexual liberation and acceptance. People are more open about their sexuality and they have an endless pool of men and women to date. Angelenos are fairly non-judgmental when it comes to people having unconventional sex and they are pretty open when it comes to exploring alternative relationships.

Why does L.A. need a Sexual Health Expo?
A Sexual Health Expo is the perfect environment for people to gather information about the latest developments in sexual wellness as well as learn to enhance intimacy and their sex lives. The show has so many opportunities for participants to learn by taking a workshop, buying a new product or just meeting other like-minded people. An event like this will have something for anyone who wants to live a richer, more exciting sexual life!   

What type of education will SHE provide?

SHE will feature seminar panels, workshops and breaks to have one-on-one conversations with experts as well as other event attendees. The sessions will cover the hottest topics related to sex with top experts offering tips and how-tos in a fun and spirited fashion. Whether you’re involved in an intimate relationship or single, SHE will have something for everyone.

What types of products can we expect to see at SHE?

The exhibit hall at SHE will be a glammed up space dedicated to introducing attendees to the best intimacy goods on the market. With product experts mingling with attendees, this open area will be the hub of much of the action with major product launches and special events set throughout each day.

What will SHE’s atmosphere feel like?

SHE will have a fun and stylish atmosphere that welcomes all orientations to celebrate sex in a chic, upscale venue in the colorful city of Los Angeles. The two-day show will be packed with so much fun stuff to do! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking event and can’t wait to meet everyone.

For more information, visit SexualHealthExpo.com.