TrafficHaus Rolls Out DigiRegs Digital Regulation Technology

John Sanford

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus, a division of Media Reps, on Tuesday announced that it has partnered with Digital Copyright protection technology, DigiRegs, to offer a new consolidated service for its publishers and advertisers and any content producers looking for a way to protect their content.

TrafficHaus founder Mark Bauman said he already has confirmed the participation of several tubes. Participating sites include,,,,,, and The sites have all agreed that copyright and DMCA requests should not be necessary, and working with DigiRegs protects any producers using the system.

“It’s really a no-brainer for producers and publishers,” Bauman said. “It will help protect them legally and help them save legal costs by preventing further lawsuits on use of copy-written material.”

Bauman said he hopes to have industry participation across the board for a system that helps everyone. “Content producers will be able to rest easy knowing their movies are protected,” he said. “But more than that, they’ll have several beneficial options when their content is flagged.”

Producers can have the content removed, or they can send a shorter clip, or trailer. They’ll also have the option of placing advertisements in neighboring zones with link-backs to their own sites. 

The cost to producers is minimal, Bauman said. For the next five months it’s free to sign up, free to index content and free to integrate with the publishers. “Costs for flagging beats current industry standard rates by at least half,” Bauman said. “And rather than paying exorbitant fees for each DMCA, a low bulk rate covers the first 1,000 notifications. If more are needed, the rates remain unbeatable.”

According to representatives of DigiRegs, the technology makes use of sound, images, title information, and the entire copy-written work, meaning that virtually any section of any indexed movie on any participating site will generate a flag.

For more information about participating, contact DigiRegs at