Penthouse Pays $3M for

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Penthouse Media Group Inc. has announced the $3 million buyout of all assets, outstanding shares and trademarks of Danni Ashe Inc. and Video Bliss Inc., owners of the successful website.

"It's a great business," Penthouse CEO Marc Bell told XBIZ. "We plan on continuing to run it the way it's been run. In other words, we plan on leaving it alone."

Bell said there is a possibility that Ashe would be an active contributor again, now that her sites are under the Penthouse umbrella.

"She had stepped down from the business a couple of years ago," Bell said. "We're hoping that she'll get back involved, but nothing is definite at this point."

Created in 1995 and known for its busty models, live webcasts and girl-girl videos, joins the Penthouse fold immediately, along with associated websites and It is the second major acquisition in as many months for Penthouse, following its September asset purchase of Jill Kelly Productions.

“Danni Ashe is one of the most downloaded women in the history of the Internet with over 1 billion downloads,” Bell said. “Consequently,’s websites have a large group of devoted subscribers, and we plan on staying true to the brand while continuing to improve and expand the websites. We will use this purchase to the advantage of Penthouse’s multimedia platforms.”

Originally created by performer Danni Ashe, the company also produces videos and licenses consumer products through a variety of distribution channels.

“If there is a brand name in our industry that I had hoped I would one day be associated with, it is most certainly Penthouse,” Ashe said. “I am excited that Penthouse believes in me and my partners, and made us a part of their family. I expect to see great things from both Penthouse and Danni’s long into the future.”