At-home STD Screening Service Debuts

LOS ANGELES — A new service that allows at-home STD testing has debuted from myLAB Box.

Called the “Safe Is Sexy” program, the self-care company said the procedure is as simple as putting on a condom.

Users simply select the box tailored to their lifestyle and then take a few samples. The company said the screening kits are designed to go anywhere with accuracy comparable to in-lab testing for three of the most commons STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis, and early detection screening for HIV.

Results can be shared privately with potential partners. The company’s staff is on-hand to answer questions about the results.

“At myLAB our mission is to stop the spread of STDs by removing all the obstacles people have to regular screening — no more appointments, awkward conversations, big needles or lab waiting rooms. We take the guesswork out of safe sex and do the work for you. When the box arrives, all you have to do is take a few easy samples and you are done,” myLAB co-founder Ursula Hessenflow said.

The service sets a new standard for safe sex by getting active adults on a screening schedule and improving the quality of life and safety of both them and their partners, according to the company.

“Rising healthcare costs and inefficiencies in the current STD testing options means many will skip the recommended annual checkup, struggle to obtain copies of their lab results once tested, or face a steep price attempting to maintain their health on an ongoing basis. The convenient and affordable myLAB Box automates and optimizes screening frequency to your lifestyle so you can just enjoy peace of mind,” co-founder Lora Ivanova added.

MyLAB said that with an estimated one third of Americans living with a viral STD today, 20 million new infections are projected each year. The rise of online dating and stimulant use among adults increase risk factors by as much as three times, yet less than half of adults ages 18-44 have ever been tested for anything other than HIV, and half of all Americans will contract an STD at some point in their lifetimes — a grim statistic the company aims to change. “Undiagnosed and untreated STDs can lead to lifelong health problems, even death,” wellness expert Dr. Amy Lee said.

She added, “Many infections have no symptoms or they are too minor to see and wreck havoc for as long as they remain undetected. myLAB’s innovative home screening model offers an invaluable early detection opportunity that can change the way we think of and maintain sexual health in the U.S.”

Beta users who register now can get discounted kits, or a free month off a membership with perks.

For more information about the program visit, or email