Alana Evans Tackles the Music Biz With New Single

LOS ANGELES — Adult star and avid gamer Alana Evans is poised to add musician to her repertoire of talents with the upcoming release of the single, “Make You Love Me,” slated to debut on iTunes in early June.

A full studio album will follow soon thereafter.

"There are so many different sides to me that my fans don't know about it,” said Evans, who has been singing her whole life. “I love sex, I love gaming and I have shared those with my fans throughout my whole career." She quipped, "It's about time they see something big coming out of my mouth instead of something big going in."

Evans made her public singing debut in 2012, collaborating with Murv Douglas and Lords Of Acid on the single "Pop That Tooshie." The song peaked at number three on Amazon's Dance Chart. Evans also starred in the music video, which features cameos from other well-known adult stars.

"She has a great, unique voice and is a very talented track vocalist,” reported music industry vet Regan Tourister said. “She is reminiscent of Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls. When you also take into account her star power, built-in fan base and sex appeal, you definitely have someone who can bring the noise."

"Pop That Tooshie" is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.