DIMOCO Offers Italy One-click Billing Up to 15 Euros

BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, Austria — DIMOCO announced that it is now offering Italian consumers a one-click billing option for web content and subscription services up to 15 euros.

According to DIMOCO, Italy belongs to the roster of well-developed mobile payment countries, despite the fact that only 30.5 percent of adults over the age of 15 have a credit card.  

Latest stats report that 133.5 percent of the population uses cell phones; 35.5 percent of those users are smartphone owners. Four network operators share the 91.66 million mobile customers: Vodafone (31.7 percent), Telecom Italia (29.6 percent), Wind (27.3 percent) and 3 Italia (11.4 percent).  

“With a credit card penetration rate of only 30.5 percent, we find that in Italy mobile payment is the only way to bill digital content across the market,” DIMOCO CEO Gerald Tauchner said. “With our two available products, content providers get the maximum reach to bill their consumers via all available mobile and mobile virtual network operators.”

“Because of [Italy’s] enormous potential, we concentrated on developing attractive products for the digital content market and now offer more flexibility and individualism according to the customers’ needs and their subscription services,” Tauchner added.

Some mobile and web content and subscription services can be billed up to 6.10 euros, depending on the DIMOCO product used.

Founded in 2000, DIMOCO is a leading mobile payment and messaging provider with connections to network operators across Europe.