Beamonstar Creates New Merchandising Solutions for Retailers

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products, a manufacturer of herbal sexual products, has announced two new merchandising solutions for stores and distributors designed to better display and sell the Beamonstar family of products.

"Creating quality supplements has always been our top priority" said Jeff Bolanos, owner of Beamonstar Products. "Our second priority is teaching our retailers and distributors how to sell our products. These two new merchandising solutions are geared towards our retailers and the goal of them is to make our products more appealing to the consumer, as well as easier to sell."

The Best Of Beamonstar (BOB Display) is a counter-top display which features a mix of Beamonstar's products.

"In the past, a store would have to purchase a full display of one product which took up a lot of counter space if they wanted to display a number of different Beamonstar Products," said Clint Strunk, sales manager for Beamonstar. "Now a store can order the BOB display and get a mix of all of our best selling products. The 12 bottle display includes Velextra, XploZion, Sex Voltz, and Sweeten69. This enables the retailer to merchandise all our products together in one display instead of having 4 different displays out, or even worse, having to put out individual bottles."

In addition, Beamonstar has also introduced the Naughty Couples Sexual First Aid Kit. The box, which can be displayed on a peg-board wall, counter, or glass case, includes one blister of Velextra, Sex Voltz, Sweeten69 and Xplozion. In addition, it also comes with an illustrated road map which includes instructions and information on each product as well as a mini Kama Sutra for the consumer to use with their partner.

Beamonstar also offers promotional materials for retailers and distributors including fliers, posters, shelf-talkers and POS items. For more information, visit Beamonstar's official website