Rock On Sexual Vitality Shots Return With Gender-Specific Formulas

LOS ANGELES — Rock On Shots, brought into the mainstream mindframe by Oxygen Network’s “Bad Girls Club,” are making a comeback and are now available in gender-specific formulas for men and women.

Marketed as a “sexual sports drink for the adult retail market” with the tagline, “Sexy is in you, nourish it,” the shots purport to enhance sexual function through a mixture of vitality-inducing ingredients.

“The new Rock On Rockin’ Shots are making a much-anticipated comeback with a new vitality formula that’s packed with nourishing electrolytes and essential vitamins,” Rock On president Keith Caggiano said. “It’s been years since Rock On Shots’ appearance on TV’s ‘Bad Girls Club,’ but women find ways to seek us out and to beg for the ‘horny juice.’”

Rock On for Him is a sexual “pre-formance” drink, designed for male performance enhancement with natural ingredients and herbs for stamina, as well as improved erectile function and more energy, the company said in a release.

Rock On for Her is designed to enhance female sexual sensation, libido and desire with special ingredients that the company says also improve mood and relaxes the senses.

Both gender varieties of Rock On Shots are safe to mix with alcohol and are reportedly side effect-free.

“Some people say sex is a sport, so if your customers are planning on having a good night, make it a great night and ‘Rock On,’” Caggiano added.

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