Tera Patrick Stars in Mainstream Horror Flick 'Angel of Darkness'

LOS ANGELES — Tera Patrick is segueing into mainstream horror with a role in "Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith" coming this fall from TomCat Films.

The film description reads, “The Anguish Garden is the world’s most prolific fetish and body art club and its owner, Master Diablo, is throwing a grand ball for his latest art acquisition, an ancient Sumerian statue. The party is just a ruse for the ancient rite that will awaken the soul of Lilith, demon seductress, trapped within the statue. When she awakes, she will bring hell to earth and Diablo aims to be there to pick over the remains.”

Starring Rachelle Hoffman as Lilith, Tera Patrick as Vicki, Robert "Corpsy" Rhine as Stu and Randy Oppenheimer as Diablo, "Angel of Darkness” was directed by Lisa Palencia (“Isis Rising: Curse of The Lady Mummy”) and produced by Ted Chalmers and Hoffman.

Patrick describes her character, Vicki, as a "twisted opportunist." Her onscreen boyfriend Stu is a low-life criminal who leads the way down a twisted path of home invasions, murder and mayhem — a ride she happily joins. Patrick and Rhine, who have a long history of collaboration, signed onto the project together.  

“I'm also a big fan of classic horror, my favorite movies being “The Bad Seed,” “The Omen” and “The Exorcist,” Patrick said. “I've been a glamour puss for all my life and career so if the opportunity presents itself for me to get battered and bloody, I welcome it. It's a nice change to be dark and sinister … The cast and crew were so sweet and fun. I loved working with director Lisa Palencia — and filming in an enormous mansion in Arizona wasn't too shabby either."

Patrick's previously had a role in the Indonesian mainstream horror flick, "Moaning of Virgin Ghost."

“I had an absolutely blast working again Tera Patrick,” said Rhine, who is also editor-in-chief at Girls and Corpses. “We had several steamy scenes together that made the 100 degree heat in Arizona even hotter. More and more adult stars are making the transition to mainstream films and horror and Tera Patrick has an iconic name that producers are interested in for horror films. More importantly, Tera can really act!”

TomCat Films is headed by sales and distribution veteran Ted Chalmers, who has been involved with the sales and distribution of well-known horror titles “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Hellraiser,” “Escape from New York,” “Re-Animator” and “Evil Dead 2.”

To learn more about the film, click here. To check out a short video teaser on YouTube, click here