Caballero, Sunshine Settle Lawsuit

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The copyright infringement lawsuit by Caballero Home Video against Sunshine Films has been settled.

The details of the settlement remained confidential at the request of attorney Stanley Stone, who represented Caballero’s operating company, Rodax Distributors, and Eugene M. Salute, who represented Sunshine Films and Odyssey Video Group in the case.

“All we can say is that the matter has been settled,” Stone told XBIZ.

Salute added only that his clients were pleased with the outcome of the case.

The suit was to decide whether Sunshine had the rights to distribute Caballero’s Swedish Erotica line in videocassette and DVD formats. Caballero claimed it has the licensing rights from Caballero Control Corp., for distribution of its content.

Sunshine and Odyssey claimed in court documents that Rodax had rights that covered only videocassettes and film, and not DVD, since that format did not exist when the contract with Caballero Control was signed in 1993.

Rodax was seeking compensatory and punitive damages in addition to recovering attorneys fees and court-related costs.