Webmaster Central Adds Video Player to Content Services

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced the addition of a video player for its leased content services.

The company said the upgrade was adopted to keep its clients on the cutting edge of technology, and to provide a competitive edge.

“Technology companies continue to bring all new mobile phones, tablets and other devices to the market, so it’s a challenge to provide all of these different device users with an optimal viewing experience. We’ve met that challenge so our clients don’t have to spend time and money figuring it out for themselves. We expand their potential audience for them so they can expand their revenues right now,” said AndyA, founder and CEO.

The new video player works on all mobile devices including phones, IPTVs, and tablets, and also works on traditional desktop screens. It’s also integrated with Webmaster Central’s white label and XML Gateway technologies so clients can continue to customize howvideo content is displayed to their website visitors.

Smartphone screens average around four inchesdiagonally, tablets are seven to 10 inches, laptops average around 14 inches, and desktop monitors can go up to 30 inches these days, explained CTO Gabe Kapp.

“All of these different devices result in screens of varying shapes and sizes. This presents a challenge when laying out a page — how to provide a viewing experience that looks good on every screen. When design is not responsive, when you resize your screen, in this case the browser window, the page elements do not resize as well. The traditional way around this is to create multiple sites, one for the desktop, one for a smartphone, etc. This is not ideal, both from the point of view of the designer/developer and the end user experience. Our content is presented in a responsive environment that automatically adjusts to the viewers’ specific screen conditions,” Kapp said.

The company noted that it has served content to some of the biggest names in adult entertainment since the 1990’s, its leased content services are affordable, and its content libraries are updated daily.

”If you are using any other content service and haven't tried Webmaster Central yet, or even just thinking about using a leased content service, you should really just take a couple minutes today and talk with our team, let us show you what Webmaster Central can do for your business and your profits,” said AndyA.

To arrange a free demo on the new product, email sales@webmastercentral.com.