Hook-Up Truck Offers S.F. Residents Wild Rides

SAN FRANCISCO — The Hook-Up Truck launched in San Francisco yesterday to serve as your personal mobile sex cart, up and down … those rolling hills!

Or, as the service’s website explains in slightly more “PC” terms, The Hook-Up Truck is “a mobile meeting room accommodating intimate relations, available for short term rentals.”

Helmed by artist Spy Emerson, the so-called "modern dating solution" features a private, secure room, temperature control, complimentary birth control and even a camera ready option. It can be ordered on its mobile dating app for immediate dispatch, or prebooked for festivals, weddings, holiday parties and more.

Sounds like good times — and definitely beats a sketchy romp on the BART or a backseat fumble circa your highschool prom. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

There are a few catches though: only two people can use the truck at once for a maximum of 30 minutes. Each additional 10 minutes will cost you 100 extra bucks! “Extraordinary cleaning or repairs” can run a whopping $5,000. And, oh yeah, you have to understand that it’s an art project.

Its required release states, “I understand that the Hook-Up Truck is an art project, and I agree to be photographed or digitally recorded by the artist, Spy Emerson (the ‘Artist’), before and after use of the Hook-up Truck Meeting Room. I understand these photos or recordings may be used in gallery exhibitions and for further artistic purposes."

The sex-positive, pansexual organization has been getting some hype from mainstream sources, including mentions in Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post and SF Weekly.

"Here's hoping no one gets slapped with a parking ticket during their ‘private time’ in the truck,” a HuffPo reporter quipped.

To learn more, check out HookUpTruck.org.