Earthly Body Revamps Marrakesh Hair Care Packaging

Ariana Rodriguez

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — This spring Marrakesh Hair Care received a makeover for its entire line, including a new tagline: “Nourish Your Hair with Nature.”

Key ingredients such as Argan Oil and Hemp Seed Oil remained untouched while packaging received an upgrade, the company said.

The line now features new bottles with a modern look featuring an updated label design that communicates the brand's commitment to the use of its key ingredients.

“The redesign blends the old world heritage with a new world look,” the company said.

Shampoos and conditioners previously contained in round eight-ounce bottles have now been upgraded to custom-crafted 12-ounce bottles.

"The newly shaped bottles and label redesign provide amazing shelf presence, lending an extra edge in the competitive salon industry," said Kevin Wachs, president and CEO.

The new look of the Marrakesh brand is intended to provide a clearer and more concise brand communication to educate clients about the benefits of Marrakesh products, and make them much easier to sell.

The brand has now divided all 14 products into one of two new categories: Nourish & Repair, or Smoothing.

Marrakesh Hair Care products are made with high quality, natural ingredients.

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