Xcams Launches Split Payment Option for Studios

LOS ANGELES — Xcams.com on Friday announced the launch of a new feature through its model platform, Xmodels.com, that allows its partners to split payments for studios and their models.

The webcam company said the feature was implemented in response to overwhelming feedback it received when it asked studio partners what feaures they would like to see introduced to the platform.

Xcams believes that with this feature it is setting "a new trend" in the way networks and studios do business.

“We are very excited to release this new feature for our studios partners," said Douglas Richter, the webcam unit manager for Xcams' parent company. “Studios work hard to provide the best possible streams for our networks and we should do what we can to help them decrease their administrative efforts. This tool does exactly that.”

A leading provider of live video chat in Europe, Xcams said it is working to continue to improve its Xmodels.com platform by adding tools such as the Split Payment Option for its partners. Richter & Co. hinted at several more studio and user-geared options coming soon.

“This is one way to show that we are listening to our partners needs and providing them the tools they need to succeed," said Jennifer, the head Xmodels coach. “Plus, we have many great new tools and improvements planned for release in the coming months so keep watching”

For more information about the new feature or Xcams, contact info@xmodels.ch