2B Integrated Marketing to Launch at ANME

Lila Gray

BURBANK, Calif. – A team of anonymous, self-described pleasure products marketing vets announced today that they have formed 2B Integrated Marketing, a new marketing agency focused on the expanding adult market.

2B Integrated reports to specialize in developing creative and cohesive campaigns for new brands, products, websites or stores that increase sales, brand recognition and market penetration. 

2BI plans to roll out its first round of integrated trade show packages at July's ANME Founders show in Burbank, Calif. It will offer three tiers of service: Alpha, Beta and Face2Face.

"We know how stretched thin these companies are, we’ve been working with them forever so it makes sense for manufacturers to concentrate on what they do best: developing innovative products and running their own shop," Mr. Green said. "We hope they partner with 2BI and let us do what we do best: using all the tools at our disposal to blow up brands and exponentially increase sales."

2B Integrated generates leads and sales using a variety of traditional and digital media, integrated marketing and brand development strategies, the company said in a release.

"In my experience, this is exactly the kind of resource manufacturers will find valuable," Mr. Blue added. "It's one thing to print up handouts or have a booth, it's quite another to put together an effective, comprehensive campaign integrating all the necessary elements. But that’s what 2BI does and we look forward to becoming valuable partners with industry manufacturers in the near future."

For more information, email contact ready@2bintegrated.com or visit 2BIntegrated.com.