Sasha Grey's Facebook Inspires Dave Grohl-Produced Song

LOS ANGELES — Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has collaborated with Kristeen Young to produce her new single, “Pictures of Sasha Grey,” which drew its inspiration from hardcore hate rather than hardcore sex.

Apparently, Young was compelled to write the song after viewing "vile-spewing comments" posted on the Facebook page of the now-retired porn star.

"One day, I happened upon Sasha Grey's Facebook page," Young said. "It was update after update of the most everyday pics and posts: 'Here I am making dinner. Here I am gardening.' She was not presenting herself in a sexy way at all. This was Sasha trying to move on or really just be human. But, every comment – from males – in the threads underneath were the most vile-spewing.

“I thought the contrast was remarkable, so I remarked with this song. I thought it was telling how people won't let women be full people or move on. They desperately wanted to keep her a 'marked' woman. And I loved how she just ignored it all, living her fabulous life. She was truly rising above."

Grey’s most recent Facebook post, from 13 hours ago, reads “Of course, pelmeni had to be eaten #russiandinner #friends #losangeles,” above an artful picture of pelmeni and sour cream in ceramic dishes.

The 26-year-old California native announced her retirement from the industry in 2011 and has since breached the mainstream with high-profile roles in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience” and HBO’s “Entourage,” among others. She has also authored two books, “Neu Sex” and “The Juliette Society.”

“The future holds the rest,” Grey wrote on her Facebook’s About section.

Grohl, who produced and played drums on the “The Pictures of Sasha Grey,” says Young's forthcoming album “The Knife Shift” is "unlike anything I've done before." He added, “It's bare, but very deep. Raw, but melodically complex. I love Kristeen. So much. I've never met anyone like her. Neither have you."

It’s hard to make out the lyrics on the slightly dissonant dance-rock track, but if you listen closely you most definitely will hear Sasha Grey’s name tossed over Young’s octave-hopping vocals.

“The Knife Shift” is slated to release May 13. Young will then hit the road this summer, opening for Morrissey.