Exile Offers Donald Sterling's Girlfriend $6,000 for a Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution says it is offering V Stiviano, girlfriend of Donald Sterling, $6,000 for a sex tape with the disgraced owner the Clippers.

“I’m starting pretty low with the offer because no one wants to see Donald Sterling,”  said Howard Levine of Exile. If she has a tape with someone else besides him we would up the offer to, let’s say $20,000. I’ll even throw in a whole day at the spa of her choice.

“I know this isn’t the million dollar offer others may throw out there, but this is for real. I can’t really spend much more than $6000.”

Levine said that male celeb sex tapes historically do pretty poorly, and doesn’t want to risk losing too much dough.

Sterling had been banned for life from the NBA for making racist comments to his girlfriend.