Sienna Sinclaire Hosts 'Naughty Candy Land' With Maia Toys, Rock On

LOS ANGELES — Sienna Sinclaire, the author of the "Naughty Girl's Guide” to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and soon-to-be San Francisco, hosted a new erotic event, “Naughty Candy Land.”  

Naughty Candy Land is a life-sized, sexy version of the classic board game, augmented by vibrating color from Maia Toys and vitality shots from Rock On.

Decked in candy-themed attire, attendees rolled the dice to be subjected to “challenges” like taking candy body shots, drawing on others with chocolate body paint and riding their partner to the next space.

Some lucky rollers went directly to Strip-O-Gram Lane for a lap dance by porn star Amanda Blow, while less fortunate ones ended up in the Black Licorice Dungeon for a spanking by Mistress Justine Cross of DungeonLosAngeles.

“We just loved the fun and energy of the event,” said Mara Epstein, director of Maia Toys. “And it fit in so well with our theme ‘What’s Your Color Today?’”

“The new Rock On Sexual Vitality line is about bringing a healthy, sexy vibrancy to life, and fun events like these are really what it is all about,” said Keith Caggiano, president of the Rock On line.

Sinclaire recently made headlines with her ongoing Naughty Party Bus Tour of Los Angeles, and the upcoming Topless Drive-in Movie, complete with a sexy sock hop.

Sinclaire said “the industry is filled with many sex experts, but I’m looking to represent fun, new ideas and experiences people can have, especially through the magic of social sharing groups like my Meetups.”

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