Maddy O'Reilly Named Herald for TLA Raw

PHILADELPHIA — Adult star Maddy O’Reilly has been tapped as the exclusive herald for TLA RAW.

O'Reilly will shoot exclusive content for the retailer, promote the brand and embark on a variety of promotional campaigns on behalf of TLA and, on June 3rd, 2014, make a special announcement, according to TLA.

“We have some really exciting stuff coming up for my fans and I can't wait to share more,” O'Reilly said.

TLA Entertainment's Executive Director Brian Sokel said, "The concept of a 'spokesmodel' is antiquated. We needed a sexy herald to go forth and announce the massive changes we are implementing. Much like Marvel's planet-eater Galactus requires heralds to seek out new planets to devour, Maddy shall be our harbinger. Her appetite is just as insatiable as Galactus, only her desire is for genitalia and not so much celestial bodies.", a subsidiary of TLA Entertainment Group, is an online and mail order retailer. O'Reilly, named in CNBC's most recent "Dirty Dozen" list of top porn stars, is on the cover of this month's STRIP LV magazine.