Wells Fargo Wants Porn's Money

LOS ANGELES — Money may be considered the root of all evil, but not where Wells Fargo bank is concerned. Jumping on the opportunity to do business with adult after Chase Bank's move to shut down porn industry workers’ accounts, Wells Fargo is offering a friendly port in the financial storm.

TMZ reported that the banking giant is welcoming all porn stars that claim Chase has shut them out.

A company representative told TMZ, "Of course we encourage these industry workers to come to us with their business and we will gladly help them."

Even though there may be a new home for porn money, the stars haven’t taken the Chase slam lying down.

The Daily News reported today that performers Veronica Avluv and Teagan Presley — who have already moved their accounts to Wells Fargo — have taken to social media and are bashing Chase via their substantial Twitter accounts after falling victim to the lock out.

"I'm just upset and still in shock it's even happening. I'm not doing anything illegal," Presley told The News.

Presley’s husband, Joshua Lehman, who also had his personal and business accounts closed, including Skinworxxx, said, "I've heard three different reasons. When I went into our branch, they said it was the nature of our business. When I called, they said they were closing my personal account because my wife is an 'infamous' adult star.

“When I talked to my branch again, they said it wasn't because we were in the adult industry but because we did business with a convicted felon,” Lehman said.

Despite frustration over trying to fight the giant financial institution, Lehman said he and other adult industry folks have contacted industry lawyer Michael Fattorosi to explore possible legal action.