EMMReport, EMMNetwork Team for Photo Essay of XRCO Awards

LOS ANGELES — EmmReport.com and EMMNetwork.net have joined forces to present a six-part photo essay of the 30th annual X-Rated Critics Organization Awards.

The show was held April 16 at the OHM nightclub in Hollywood. From rising newcomers to established stars, porn's celebrities were in attendance to celebrate the winners and the XRCO's 30th anniversary.

EMM was on hand to capture all of the night's events — the winners, the presenters, the backstage antics and the performers who showed off some of their assets. The 3500 photos in six separate galleries includes safe-for-work (SFW) and not-safe-for-work images.

“We wanted to do something special on this very special event,” EMMReport's Sherman said."The XRCO awards is one of the most anticipated events every year, and this year was no exception.”

Each part of the essay features a different perspective on the show, including the red carpet, backstage, Winner's Circle, and the VIP Section.

EMMReport indicated it had 10,000 photos from which to choose, so the selection process proved to be quite difficult. “Originally, this was going to be a big set of 100 photos,” Sherman said. “Then it just kept growing and growing and growing. We actually left some very intense stuff out. It just didn’t fit the angle of the essay."

Both outlets plan extended video coverage as well with reports hosted by Jayden Lee.

To see the XRCO galleries, click here.

Exclusive unreleased photo and video material is available for licensing by contacting emmreport@gmail.com.