'Women Seeking Women' Named XRCO's Best Girl/Girl Series

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films’ “Women Seeking Women” was presented with its fifth consecutive award for Best Girl/Girl Series at the 2014 XRCO Awards, the studio announced.

Girlfriends said the line now tops 100 volumes and is one of the most awarded lesbian series in XRCO history, as well as the entire adult industry.

“It was such a great feeling going on stage with Dan O’Connell to accept the award,” Girlfriends President Moose said. “Thank you to all the members of XRCO.”

Former owner O’Connell added, “We’ve had a lot of recent changes at Girlfriends Films, but it’s wonderful to see the love and appreciation of ‘Women Seeking Women’ remains consistent.”

Seventeen-year XRCO member Tod Hunter also weighed in on the series’ success. “‘Women Seeking Women’ has been the flagship line for Girlfriends Films since the beginning, and has earned its accolades. The validation from XRCO — five times – shows the line is popular with critics, as well as fans,” Hunter said.