Monarchy's Showcase Studios Teams Up With Legend Video

LOS ANGELES — Monarchy Distribution announced today a new deal with Legend Video to handle the brick and mortar and retail distribution of its Showcase Studios brand of one-woman show features.

"The goal for Showcase Studios was to consolidate content for women who have been in the industry for a number of years,” Monarchy owner Mike Kulich said. “They have shot for hundreds of different companies and their content is scattered everywhere which makes it difficult to make a full DVD showcasing the same star under different directors and different labels.

"We have been able to bring all that footage together and create custom movies featuring multiple scenes of performers who have stood the test of time in a business where so many careers last only a few years."  

In May, Monarchy will release its first showcase title “The Best Of Alana Evans.” The DVD includes 10 scenes spanning Alana's 17-year career, featuring boy/girl, anal, lesbian and threesome action.

"For a true Alana Evans fan to go out and find all 10 of these scenes, [it] would cost a lot of money, energy and time, and to finally get all of them they would have to buy 10 separate DVDs,” Kulich added. “In addition, some of the older scenes came from now-defunct companies and are no longer available.”

“The Best of Alana Evans” will ship to stores and retailers May 7 and street May 14. Fans will also have the opportunity to buy the DVDs from Evans herself through her website or by contacting her on Twitter.

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