Sovereign Syre Does Her First Boy/Girl in 'Hollywood Babylon'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Evil Angel on April 30 will release director Dana Vespoli’s newest feature “Hollywood Babylon,” which showcases the first boy/girl sex scene of Sovereign Syre's career.

Billed as "a sinister mystery story framing intense, kinky sex scenes," the movie can be previewed now in a trailer at

“This movie is part love letter to Hollywood, part meditation on the notion of reinvention, and of course an exploration of twisted, psycho-sexual relationships,” said Vespoli, the creator of moody porn features “Forsaken,” “Descent” and “She’s Come Undone.” “Most of my feature projects begin when I ask, ‘What if?’ In this story, the question began with, ‘What if a girl came to Hollywood and became involved with a psychopathic plastic surgeon?’ And a story was born.”

Appropriately in “Hollywood Babylon,” a star is born too, according to Evil Angel. “Sovereign Syre stars as Nomi Del Mar, the girl who comes to Hollywood with big dreams,” Vespoli says. “Sovereign is amazing — a gifted actress and performer. This is her first boy/girl movie, and I was honored to shoot her first five boy/girl scenes.”

The voluptuous Syre’s aspiring actress gets chewed up by brutally self-serving film industry players. James Deen portrays a ruthless producer; Steven St. Croix is creepy even by the standards of plastic surgeons. Syre’s character bounces from Deen’s casting couch to a freaky “family” relationship with St. Croix and Dana DeArmond (as the good doctor’s wicked wife). Wrapping around perverted sex scenes are eerie clues to a mystery unfolding with some unusual “usual suspects.” In a non-sex role, mainstream actor J.M. Darling plays the detective trying to unravel the “Hollywood Babylon” story.

Vespoli further revealed, “It cost me less than $18,000 to make, and some of the sequences were shot guerrilla-style. I approached it like an indie movie, spending a lot of time with J.M. and Sovereign, working through the emotional life of their characters.”

Joining Syre, Deen, St. Croix and DeArmond in Vespoli’s cast are Italian starlet Valentina Nappi and proven performers Ryan Driller and Ramon Nomar. Among the sex scenes is a climactic orgy in which Deen sodomizes DeArmond, who joins cigar-puffing St. Croix in dominating and abusing the heroine. But not just the sex is twisted — there is a surprise ending, Evil Angel teased.

“The customers love what Dana is shooting, especially the features,” said Evil Angel Domestic Sales Manager Justin Rich. “It’s something we don’t usually do at Evil Angel, but Dana has the filmmaking chops to do it well."