30th Annual XRCO Awards Unites Golden Age With Modern Day

LOS ANGELES — Inducting Tony Montana into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame last night, on the eve of its 30th anniversary, co-founder William Margold asked a buzzing, youthful crowd to recall the 1952 film “The Bad and the Beautiful” —  “a real movie about real Hollywood.” (photo galleries)

“There’s a character played by Gilbert Roland named Gaucho,” he said, referencing the semi-fictional Latin lothario and big-time Hollywood actor. “This is our Gaucho – Tony Montana.”

Sure enough, Montana walked on stage in a pinstripe cream suit, matching hat and sophisticated gait, evoking an era (of Hollywood and porn) most likely lost on the distracted industry newcomers.

Which is not to say that the 30th Annual XRCO Awards weren’t good fun for all — the OHM nightclub located on the bustling nexus of Hollywood and Highland was ablaze last night with several generations of adult’s movers, shakers, and just plain good-lookers. The night’s significance simply seemed to vary with the eye of the beholder.

While Kay Parker, the golden-age actress and self-described “prude of porn,” imparted her noble lifelong mission of “putting the heart back into sex” and Margold insisted that he “would die for the industry,” others used the occasion as an opportunity to hang out with old pals and enjoy a relatively casual industry-only gathering.

Electric newcomer Bonnie Rotten, despite never having been to the XRCO Awards before landing a spot as this year’s co-host, vibed on the low-key atmosphere.     

“This is the first show that I’ve hosted and this is actually the first time I’ve been to XRCO, so it’s like a double whammy tonight,” Rotten told XBIZ before the show. “I’m slightly nervous, but not so nervous, because I like everyone here and I’m pretty comfortable with everyone — I’ve fucked most of them or in front of them. We had no rehearsal, we just got some papers with what to say, and we’re going to wing it.”

Rotten, who was nominated in several categories including Female Performer of the Year, picked up a “heart-on” trophy for Super Slut. “What did I win?” she said, accepting the award and beaming. “Oh yeah, Super Slut!”   

“The XRCOs is always like a party with an award show thrown in,” veteran director Tim Von Swine said, echoing the sentiment of many. “It’s not low brow, but you just show up and if you can hear what’s going on on stage — lucky you. It’s just: show up and walk away with a piece of wood if you can. That’s all there is to it. And maybe you’ll get laid or something.”

Von Swine did walk away with at least one type of wood, accepting the Best POV Series award for Jules Jordan Video’s “POV Pervert,” which he said he has been shooting for a while. He was also up for Director of the Year and Best Gonzo Release. Despite Von Swine’s relaxed take on the night, he did note that this year he upgraded his outfit from his customary T-shirt and shorts to collared shirt and pants.      

With Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Montana, Margold, Parker and others in attendance representing the old guard, some folks’ presence served as reminder that, despite the (at least perceived) elevated glamour of porn ages past, innovation presents a unique thrill and, in some cases, a social imperative.

The rising popularity of the BBW genre notwithstanding, Karla Lane told XBIZ she thought she was the only BBW performer at the gathering.

“I’m super excited about it becuase it means I stand out,” Lane said, explaining “There is no BBW category in the XRCO Awards. They’re the only ones that don’t have one. Next year they’re talking about adding it, but they’re still the last hold out. So, hopefully next year.”

XBIZ also has no BBW award category.

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