Swan Launches Redesigned Ultimate Personal Shaver

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — Swan has recently released a redesign of the Ultimate Personal Shaver that includes varieties for men and women.

Both have a special shaver attachment unique to each kit. The women’s kit, offered in a white/pink combination comes with a Precision Trimmer for perfecting the bikini line. The men’s kit in black/gray comes with a Beard Trimmer that is specifically created to cut through thick hairs with ease. Although each kit has its differences, it can still be used by both women and men.

Aside from the special attachment in each kit, each kit will also include the Main Trimmer, Finishing Head and Precision Trimmer shaving attachments, as well as a base organizer, 11 shaving stencils and a storage bag for keeping everything in one place while traveling. Each kit has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

To assist retailers at store-level in expressing the benefits of using the Ultimate Personal Shaver system to their customers, acrylic display stands will be available for order. There is a separate display piece for both the women’s kit and the men’s kit. If desired, they can be used on their own or are able to attach together for the full effect, the company says.

To go along with the Ultimate Personal Shaver’s s redesign is a new website featuring information and in-depth guides to assist customers in many aspects of shaving.

“ While the Ultimate Personal Shaver already comes with an immersive instruction manual, the end-user may often find some way of shaving that may help other users out,” the company said. “To take full advantage of this knowledge, the new site encourages customers to submit their own tips and tricks that will be compiled and presented on the website for all to see.”

For more information, visit UltimatePersonalShaver.com.