FOX News: Is Belle Knox Porn's Pied Piper for College Co-eds?

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — FOX News has asked adult executives if the Belle Knox media frenzy is causing an up tick in college girls wanting to enter the porn industry.

The hoopla surrounding Knox and her instant fame may be seducing other cash-strapped co-eds seeking to make a fast buck to become porn starlets or strip club dancers.

XBIZ executive managing editor Dan Miller told FOX that he believes more women will follow in Knox’s footsteps so they can help pay their bills.

“There are lots of girls currently earning money in various areas of the adult entertainment industry … while taking college courses,” Miller said.

Other industry notables agreed, some with a caveat.

Director and producer Axel Braun said that over the course of his career he’s seen girls doing porn to pay for tuition, but he warns it’s not a good idea especially for girls under 21 who need to be cognizant that it’s “potentially a life-changing decision.” Braun recently announced that he’s only shooting girls over 21.

Wasteland chief Colin Rowntree told FOX he’s definitely seen an increase in girls who want to get into movies.And Mike Diaz, a gentlemen’s’ club manager said the Knox buzz has caused his club be “flooded with applications” from college-aged girls.

Knox announced in March that she was making her first public appearance at Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in New York.

Knox also announced her live cam debut site this month.