E-Stim Systems Launches the 2B Pro Pack

LONDON – This May E-Stim Systems will unveil its new 2B Pro Pack, the company announced today.

“The 2B Pro Pack is for experienced customers who want the best-of-the-best, all in one package,” E-Stim Systems director Wayne Allen said. “It’s like including all the optional extras when you buy a new car.”

The pack brings together the 2B, E-Stim Systems’ flagship power box, with some of its leading accessories.

Included is the 2B Digital Link cable and Commander2 software, which give the user the ability to connect their 2B to their PC or Mac for higher levels of control, as well as allow over-the-Internet control.

The Universal Power Supply gives the 2B "an instant 30 percent increase in power," the company said, adding that users can also enjoy unlimited play time with no concerns over battery life.

E-Stim Systems, established in 2004, is a British manufacturer of electro stimulation "e-stim" equipment and accessories for the adult market.