8th Chapter of ‘Voracious Season Two’ Now Live On EvilAngel.com

MONTREAL — Filmmaker John Stagliano's eighth chapter of “Voracious Season Two” is available for advance viewing exclusively to subscribers of EvilAngel.com, Gamma Entertainment's FameDollars affiliate program and Evil Angel announced today.

The new episode, “A Body Built For Sin,” builds upon the epic vampire series’ tradition of sophisticated erotica with a full sex scene starring Lea Lexis and Rain DeGrey, plus a tease performance by Mz Berlin.

Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann’s on-camera role was also noted.

“Christian Mann could be thought of as little more than a prop in this porn story, no more important than a piece of furniture strategically placed in the room, onto which our porn debauchers will splay their bodies,” Stagliano said.

He added, “But he is none of that. He brings Latin, learned in his youth at the end of a cane held by Jesuits, to our story. His religious incantations, meant as homage to the Virgin Mother, seduce cold stone into the voluptuous flesh of Mz Berlin. Only tragedy can follow, a lesson not learned by Rain DeGrey, our pious Mother Superior. Rain impresses with her nasty mind and her imaginative, dirty mouth. She dives into forbidden lust in the most articulate way. Lea Lexis matches her improvisations with dominant debauchery of her own.Trapped in the cell of purgatory, Lea hangs, flips and smashes her body into the face and genitals of the merely human Mother Superior, until she is invited in.”

Stagliano also spoke about the themes and visuals he presents in the movie. “The human body is vulnerable to sin and sin’s patrons. Sacred images are ripe for defiling. Our fantasies will turn on us in the most exquisite ways. Enveloped in lust, we tragically succumb. Beware who you invite in,” Stagliano said.

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, “Voracious Season Two” updates the kinky sex and vampire lore established in the popular first season.