Baci Celebrates Successful ILS Show

LAS VEGAS — Baci Lingerie’s newest collections were met with positive reviews at the 2014 International Lingerie Show (ILS), the company announced today.

Baci showcased its products in its 50 foot booth that sported a sophisticated black and white design. Several new collections were debuted to retailers and visitors alike, who Baci said  commented on the impressive display, its novel approach to differentiating the two distinct focuses of the luxury lingerie company’s offerings, and the interactive models showcasing Baci’s ILS offerings.

“We were very pleased with the reception our new lines and collections received at ILS. Our retail partners, buyers, and distributors now fully understand our global mission to celebrate ‘The Baci Woman,’ — strong, empowered, and limitless when pursuing her goals. We are proud to have premiered these collections in Las Vegas, and look forward to working with all partners in our ongoing mission,” said Christian Savoie, director of global sales and operations.

Baci Lingerie premiered the first styles from “Fetish by Baci” within the black section of its monochromatic booth. The line offers high-end fetish wear for women looking to spice up their lingerie collection, and to express a wilder side of their sexuality.

The company further celebrated the launch of Fetish by Baci by holding a fetish-themed semi-annual appreciation dinner at Buzio's restaurant on March 30 at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The dinner allowed Baci and all retail partners, buyers, and distributors to meet and share ideas with other storeowners on the marketing and merchandising of the Baci line, with many looking forward to incorporating Fetish by Baci into their retail displays, as they introduce customers to the world of fetish.

The white sections of Baci Lingerie’s ILS booth featured additional new collections, including costumes and matching hosiery from “Dreams” and the “White Label: Seduction” collections.

Baci’s Lash Bar also gave ILS attendees a chance to get “glam’d up” with Baci’s collection of natural-look, glamour, and novelty Baci Eyelashes, providing “Glamour in the Blink of an Eye,” while many remarked on the attractive point-of-sale display.

Also presented were the first two collections from the luxurious, steel-boned corset line, “Corsets by Baci." Currently shipping to retailers, Baci said the line transports erotic fashion “From the Bedroom to the Boardroom.” Retailers commented on the beauty and construction of the line, particularly on the use of steel boning at a consumer-conscious price point.

Baci Lingerie also premiered 20 items from its new “After Dark Hosiery” line; its first specialized grouping. The line offers a refreshed look at popular styles from Baci’s Black Label.

Electronic versions of the all Baci catalogs, including the new Fetish by Baci line, are available now on Baci’s FTP server. Log in information is available by emailing