WhiteLabelDating, Cougars.xxx Partner for Dating

LONDON — WhiteLabelDating.com has announced a partnership with Cougars.xxx supported by adult star Tanya Tate.

The addition of a dating platform has already boosted revenues by more than 66 percent, according to WhiteLabelDating.

Tate recently became the face of Cougars.xxx to enhance its position as a leader in the cougar space and to promote the new online dating service.

“We’re delighted that Cougars.xxx chose to partner with White Label Dating. Their latest partnership with Tanya Tate will only serve to further boost the fortunes of their dating brand. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Cougars.xxx in the future,” said Matthew Pitt, WhiteLabelDating operations director.

The MILF site also expressed excitement over the partnership.

“We were looking for an additional revenue stream that would fit seamlessly into place with the content we already provide on Cougars.xxx,” the site’s co-founder and vice president said.

The executive added, “WhiteLabelDating niche capability meant we could do just that, giving us another opportunity to generate revenue from visitors while simultaneously lowering acquisition costs. Since launching our Cougars.xxx dating site with WhiteLabelDating, revenues have grown by over two thirds. Our partnership with Tanya Tate is just the start of more big things to come for Cougars.xxx. Watch this space.”