XR Brands Introduces 4 New Mouth Gags

Bob Johnson

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands today introduced four new gag designs to its Master Series fetish brand.

The company said each of the four gag styles feature silicone and steel construction, and are fitted with bullnose clamps connected by steel chains for nipple play.

Equipped with a breathable silicone ball and equestrian-inspired silicone bit, the Master Series’ new mouth gags give shoppers higher-quality choices when exploring and enjoying the fetish lifestyle, according to XR.

“We’ve seen an increase in interest of various versions of mouth gags, so we set to work to create a fully branded collection for Master Series using premium materials,” general manager Randy Alvstad said.

He added, “Gags are commonly made using rubber, which can give off an unpleasant odor and sticky texture in the mouth, so it was a natural decision to use premium silicone. Our designers understand the lifestyle, which translates quite nicely into the final products, and is one of the reasons why Master Series is retailers’ number one source for high-quality and fully merchandised fetish accessories.”

The line includes “Hinder,” a breathable ball gag that lets users restrict the speech of their playthings without obstructing their breath. Large enough to gag comfortably with supple silicone that feels soft in the mouth, “Hinder” is completely tasteless and odorless and connects to two vinyl-coated nipple clamps with two taut chains. Adjustable in pressure with a screw located at each tip, these clamps allow even the subtlest movements to inflict a pleasant pinch. They are available now.

“Equine” is a bit gag that sits in the user’s mouth with the use of two metal O rings on each end, keeping it securely in place no matter how wild the movements. Completely tasteless and odorless, “Equine” allows the user to open his or her mouth without being able to speak clearly. Matching pleasure, pressure and a little bit of pain, each O ring is connected to an adjustable alligator-style nipple clamp by a short steel chain for a intensity upgrade. The gag is now available.

The “Seize” gag is a steel O-ring gag that affixes within the user’s open mouth and stays secure with an adjustable leather belt-style strap. This solid metal O-ring forces the user’s mouth to remain wide open, granting his or her master full access for unlimited possibilities while its nipple clamps dangle from an elongated steel chain for slightly freer movement. “Seize” will be available this April.

“Mutiny” is a premium silicone O-ring gag that provides the same oral access as “Seize” but with a more pliable shape. The O-ring secures into the user’s mouth to keep it wide open and offers a more comfortable fit as it sits strapped around his or her head. Two adjustable bullnose-style nipple clamps dangle from a taut chain to pinch and tweak with every motion. “Mutiny” will be available this April.

“Master Series makes it easy for retailers of all kinds to introduce and stock up on fetish and BDSM gear, and our customers love how the compact and sophisticated packaging looks on display,” brand manager Michael Merrill said.

He added, “Members of the lifestyle trust Master Series for its quality and affordability, while retailers appreciate its sleek merchandising and consumer appeal. Master Series is the industry’s must-have brand in the BDSM category.”

For more information about the Master Series, visit TheMaster-Series.com.