Perfect Fit, ABS Holding Ink U.K. Distro Deal

Ariana Rodriguez

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. ­– ABS Holdings has signed on to be the U.K. distributor for Perfect Fit Brand’s range of extenders, cock rings, cleaning systems, plugs and ball stretchers.

“We are extremely excited to begin this partnership with ABS Holdings, they are one of the leading distributors in the U.K. and have a superb 30 year strong reputation,” Perfect Fit CEO Steve Callow. “We are confident that with their extensive reach into the U.K. market, our products will be available throughout the country very soon.”

Perfect Fit’s products are designed in-house and include the Cock Armour cock ring, which the company has dubbed “the most comfortable cock ring on the planet.”

The Armour Gear line also includes the Armour Up, which is a slimmer and thinner version of the Cock Armour. It comes in three sizes, large, standard and sport. Their newest models, Armour Tug and Push are designed to give the user a bigger lift and separation while using the product.

“We have been aware of the growing reputation on the Perfect Fit Brand within the gay sector, and have been trying to get the distribution for this premier product for a number of years, it's nice to finally be given the opportunity,” said Tim Hemming CEO of ABS. “Their quality and design of products is exceptional and we hope that with our expertise of wholesaling we will expose the brand to all sectors of the market place as many of their items are definitely cross over items. ABS will endeavor to keep all the range in stock for the anticipated strong demand.”