COLT Releases New 'Legendary Bodies' With Seth Fornea

SONOMA, Calif. — COLT Studio Group has released its newest installment in the "COLT Legendary Bodies" line of videos with COLT Man Ginger Seth Fornea.

The company said that after the success of the online only release of Fornea’s behind-the-scenes photo shoot back in Fall 2013 that it had suggested he do more after his fans had requested more of the renowned redhead.

“Our site, Twitter feed and Facebook page were bombarded with requests to see Seth fully nude and we just had to release Seth’s very first full-Monty video and photo-shoot,” said COLT president John Rutherford.

“Seth is known all around the world for his live club appearances and go-go dancing. He’s got over 100,000 in online fans that have been itching to see more. We decided to launch this new fully nude scene on Seth’s birthday to our membership customers exclusively. It was also appropriate that the world saw him in his birthday suit for the first time on his actual birthday!”

The release for the "Legendary Bodies" line under the COLT brand will be sold separately on DVD with behind-the-scenes footage and photos and offered in a bundle with the 2015 COLT Man Seth Fornea Calendar.

COLT since has not produced the 2015 COLT Man Calendar before John and his partner Tom Settle purchased the iconic studio from founder Jim French in 2003.

“We felt that Seth was worthy of his own calendar since he has so many loyal fans that are demanding to see more of him,” John said. “We sold out last year for our annual 2014 COLT and Buckshot Calendars, so this year we are upping the quantity and we expect Seth’s to be a huge hit as well.”

The online scene from the "COLT Legendary Bodies" line can be viewed at, while the DVD will be released later this summer separately or bundled with the 2015 COLT Man Calendar mid June. All six calendars will include the COLT Hairy Chested, COLT Leather, COLT Men, COLT Butt Beautiful, Buckshot Boys and COLT Man Seth Fornea.

"Since our conception back in 1967, COLT has always been synonymous with hairy, masculine men in our annual COLT calendars, magazines and movies," Rutherford said. "Seth is all that and a redhead to boot…Red is the new black!”

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