LELO Launches LUXE Edition of LUNA Beads in 20-Karat Gold

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Swedish designer brand LELO on Wednesday announced the release of LUNA Beads LUXE, which the company says are "the world’s first pleasure beads ever to be made available in 20-karat gold."

A longstanding bestseller of LELO catalog of intimate lifestyle products, the LUNA Beads pleasure and fitness system is being commemorated with the luxurious upgrade that is now available to order.

The beads, more commonly known as Ben Wa or geisha balls, are intended to be worn within the vagina, where they react to the wearer’s movements with pleasurable vibrations. These vibrations also help prompt the wearer to exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor, or "kegels," making the pleasure beads concept one that women have used for thousands of years as a sensual exercise aid.

LELO USA Director of Sales & Marketing Donna Faro remarked, “The LUNA Beads have more than earned their place as one of the icons of the intimate lifestyle industry, and what better way to honor such a classic LELO item than to immortalize it in gold? Everyone at LELO is very excited to see what the public’s reaction will be to the most exclusive pleasure beads ever created.”

Distributors and retailers interested in stocking LELO products should contact usa@lelo.com.